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Iconic Booths

You can select either the Foxy DSLR, Aurora Black DSLR or Aurora View DSLR. All equally great booths, just depends on the aesthetic. Powered by Canon DSLR you get exquisitely brilliant photos plus buttery smooth gifs.

You receive a personalised start screen, templates, choice of 50+ backdrops, and attendant. Add filters after image taken. unlimited prints (to max in photos). Sign Props. Digital delivery of your images, a gallery that’s sent to you after event also so you can easily download all your images or share it with your guests.

Please select the booth and package:

Aurora View DSLR

Aurora View DSLR
Aurora Black DSLR

Aurora Black DSLR
DIGITAL DELIVERY (eco friendly):

Eco Friendly

Cliff (Glam Booth)

You will not find this booth offered elsewhere. We have built this from the ground up with master craftsmen. It is Canon DSLR based, Elinchrom flash, gorgeous black walnut, camera cables hidden throughout and architectural steel base. Attendant will be with you whether you have full service or digital only.

Beauty, strength and good looks :-)
Cliff Photo Booth
  • Professional attendant
  • Personalised start screen
  • Personalised templates
  • Add filters after image taken
  • Unlimited prints (to max in photo)
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Canon DSLR cameras
  • Personalised gallery of images and gifs linked after event
  • Sign Props
FULL SERVICE (attendant + prints):
DIGITAL DELIVERY (attendant + no prints):

Eco Friendly
This booth is set up in one of 2 ways for you, please select the one you want:

Mirror Booths

How it all started! Armed with DSLR canons, these are always a big hit at events. Everyone loves them and we only have the original and best from FOTOMASTER

All our mirror packages include, attendant (never wearing advertising on our clothing), Personalised start screen, choice of over 50 backdrops, unlimited prints (to max in photo), choice of frames for the booth, personalised gallery of images/gifs/boomerangs/videos linked after event, SMS image straight to phone, Sign props.
Please select the booth and package:
Retro Mirror Booth

Original Mirror Booth


Celebration Booths

This Range of booths is just as awesome but has a smaller footprint. Great if it’s a smaller venue or you would prefer a more elegant or discreet setup. Also great for corporate for branding, and marketing opportunities.

This range of booths can be set up 2 ways. We use IPAD pros with m2 chips, awesome lighting, and you can add whatever filters you like!
CHEAP AND CHEERFUL (aka drop off): Drop off service (no attendant), digital delivery of images, gifs and boomerangs, personalised template, personalised static start screen and image gallery link sent after event.
ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES: Professional attendant for your event, personalised start screen, choice of 50+ backdrop, digital delivery of images/gifs/boomerangs as well as unlimited printed photographs (up to max in photo), personalised template and image gallery link sent after event.

Please select the booth and package:
Aurora White

Aurora Black

Aurora Black
Aurora View Photo Booth

Foxy Party

Ivy Booth

IVY Booth
Juniper Booth

Juniper Booth
Willow Booth

Willow Booth
Birdie Booth

Birdie Booth
Please Select preferred booth for FULL SERVICE.
BUDGET booths will be allocated depending on availability.
CHEAP AND CHEERFUL (aka drop off):
Upgrade Options:

Eco Friendly
Upgrade Option:

Video Booths

Fixed Video Booths

Like the idea of a 360 but cost, space and safety concern an issue? We have the answer for you! Our Video booth allows you to capture all the movement and fun without the space needed for a 360 or safety concerns. All video files can be sent via airdrop or email direct to your phone, PLUS you get a gallery of all videos after the event.
  • Unlimited slo mo video
  • SMS, airdrop and email sharing
  • Personalised templates
  • Online gallery after event
  • Attendant
Please select your booth style from the Celebration range above.

360 Booth

  • Setup for the event rental for the entire period up to 5 hours
  • Unlimited slo mo 360 videos
  • SMS and email sharing
  • Personalised templates
  • Online gallery of all videos
  • Attendant
360 Photo Booth


If you have a wedding that’s out of Sydney and don’t have a budget for the travel (we understand!).

We can still provide you our Zip Junior Booth or our Foxy Party full setup as an eco friendly digital delivery service with digital props and gallery linked after event.

The cost is inclusive of instructions, gallery of all photos, phone support during setup and event if needed and 8 hours of run time. We are fully expecting a day or so either side of wedding also. Pickup and drop off from our Artarmon office .
ZIP Junior Foxy Party

Wishing Well Post Box Photo Booth

Looking at a wishing well for your event? Maybe no budget for a photobooth…we have your back.
Inclusions are: Drop off service no attendant with private pin code for security of your envelopes. Photobooth with photos, video, gif all delivered via sms and a link for you with all images. Personalised template and start screen.
Wishing Well Post Box Photo Booth
Please select the package:

Eco Friendly

Wanderer (Hand Held Mobile)

Wanderer is our little gem, but just because its small does not mean its not awesome. We have professional male or female models (your choice) operating our Wanderer getting all your guests together for pics and fun! This is an awesome take on a traditional booth in the corner where we come to you!
Digital delivery/digital props/sms delivery of images, gifs and photos/download of images for client.

Inclusions for standalone hire are: Attendant, digital delivery of images/gifs/boomerangs, personalised template and all files transferred via we transfer after event.
This additionally comes with a stand (Aurora+) that can be set up - great for children parties due to height or if accessibility is needed.
Please select the booth and package:
Wanderer Photo
ADD ON to existing booking:

Wanderer Stand Wanderer Stand
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